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The MCS Foundation strives to accomplish our goal by producing informative and knowledgeable workshops, programs, and events with a holistic approach.  Our holistic approach is to play a role in the historical challenges that plague the underserved communities. Our efforts are to exemplify how achieving financial independence contributes to confronting some of those social-economic challenges within these underserved communities. Economic empowerment contributes to social-economic advancements. Additionally, the objective is to illustrate the correlation between good health and financial independence; You feel good, you do good.   


The Maleka C Stephens Foundation services are designed to communicate the importance of developing the right mentality to achieve financial independence and optimal health.  As a result, the foundation shall work to establish quality relationships with community organizations, schools, and universities to assist with meeting our mission.  More importantly, we shall strive to have our participants walk away with the transferable knowledge and skills set that can be used throughout life and, ultimately, assist them with attaining their own self-defined levels of success. 

     Financial Literacy

Helping others understand the importance of creating financial freedom.

Family with Tablet


Assisting with developing quality & transferable leadership skills.

Child Graduate.jpg

Business Ownership

Illustrating the importance of business ownership

Fashion Store Manager

     Health & Wellness

Showing the importance of preventive healthcare.

Fit Couple


Your Donation will help us execute our services & develop informative programs for our targeted underserved communities.

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